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Fix Android 6 Wear on Xiaomi

97 words | March 27, 2016

After upgrading Xiaomi Mi 4LTE to MIUI (MXDCNDB), the version of the android in the phone changed to 6.0.1. As a side effect, the watch LG G Watch R ...

Trilobit Game in Lisp: Simple Macros

278 words | January 23, 2016

Generally speaking, you can write in Lisp and still not be aware of macros. This is a dark art and it’s hard to master, but simple things can be tried.

Trilobit Game in Lisp: New heuristics

366 words | December 26, 2015

The computer plays worse of its colleague from the 11th hour. It is necessary to do something with it. Let’s try other heuristics for the computer player.

Trilobite Game in Lisp: Minor Improvements

585 words | December 26, 2015

Although I lose to AI, it can not defeat the monster from the 11th hour game :frowning: And, until I have ideas for improving his work, I’ll do the decoratio...

Trilobit Game in Lisp: Improve AI

747 words | December 23, 2015

So the enemy already plays better than me, but this is not an achievement, I’m all overplayed. We will improve the artificial mind.